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About us.

Shared Planet was founded in 2019 to help organisations to deliver positive environmental and social impact by providing research, analysis and stakeholder engagement support. We work primarily with civil society organisations, academic institutions and IGOs/governments on environmental issues. 

Our business name is anchored in our belief that we must radically re-orient human society to prioritise living in harmony with nature - by allowing biodiversity to thrive, embracing de-growth and supporting a nature-positive approach to the economy that is inclusive and exists within planetary boundaries. We work with clients that share our values and are seeking to drive progressive change. 

Our clients tend to be organisations that are seeking to resolve significant social and environmental challenges, which requires taking a multi-stakeholder approach to collaboration and dialogue. Our team offers a range of stakeholder engagement and analytical consulting services that help clients to understand scientific perspectives and recommendations, the issue and policy landscape, and the most important stakeholders to engage to inform their organisational strategy and delivery.


Some of our recent client experience.


Our team.

As a team, we believe that lasting social and environmental change can only be achieved by embracing what is best for society and putting it at the heart of meaningful stakeholder engagement.  We are straight-talking, relentlessly curious and focused on excellence in everything we do. Our team have advanced academic training and a research background, so we are well-trained to analyse data and use and create different conceptual frameworks. We have diverse backgrounds and language capabilities, which enables us to bring multicultural and multidisciplinary thinking to the work that we deliver for clients.


The collaboration with Shared Planet has been deeply beneficial to Oxford Brookes Business School. Working closely with Shared Planet has been amazing in every way from their innovative ideas in project initiation, through to the research of food rescue solutions in hospitality businesses which has captured the attention of both the media and leading organisations. It has been an honour to work together with Shared Planet and experience first-hand industry professionals who demonstrate such an impressive and authentic commitment to social and environmental impact.

Professor, Businesses School at Oxford Brookes University

We are purpose-driven.

There are many organisations out there who are doing amazing work but cannot - for whatever reason - afford consulting fees. As a purpose-driven business, we actively seek out work in our practice areas to donate our time to good causes. Each year, we give up to 20% of our time pro bono to organisations working on planet-critical issues where we believe that stakeholder engagement, thought leadership and policy change will help them to achieve greater impact in their own mission - regardless of whether they can pay fees. 

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