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Our services.

Our support focuses on in-depth research and insights, building stakeholder relationships and creating multi-coalitions, platforms and dialogue to deliver policy change. Our skill set is a hybrid between a management consultancy and a reputation management consultancy - using our understanding of building positive perceptions and trust to inform our work to bring stakeholders together to solve problems based on strong science and analytics.

White papers, literature reviews trends and benchmarking reports

Many organisations focused on social and environmental issues need to understand the academic literature and science in their areas of focus, identify best practice internationally as well as global trends, and public reports and white papers that provide their view on important issues. Our team has extensive experience in drafting written reports based on scientific and other research and analysis.

We help clients to understand the stakeholder and policy landscapes that they need to navigate. We conduct extensive research to identify the most important organisations, conversations and policies that our clients should consider as they seek to make an impact. This work helps clients to prioritise resources, time and strategic focus in the work that they do and understand the competitive landscape and their place within it.

Stakeholder opinion research

Reputation is largely determined by stakeholder perceptions, so to build or change reputation, stakeholder opinion research is key. It both informs and guides the process. We use in-depth interviews and online surveys to hep clients to understand how governmental, civil society, academic, industry and other stakeholder groups perceive them and their added value. This helps us to identify clear and actionable insights into issues, as well as existing stakeholder expectations and perceptions that can help to shape repetitional programmes.

Landscape and stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder strategy and engagement

Impact on social and environmental issues comes, in part, through stakeholder engagement. By engagement we mean meeting and collaborating with different organisations – often with whom there is a shared or mutual interest. We help our clients to build long-term, meaningful and trusting stakeholder relationships by helping them to identify and choose the most appropriate partners, identify the areas of common interest, contribute new ideas and subject matter expertise, and consistently deliver on their commitments - all of which foster a better connection and relationship.

Thought leadership

Thought leaders demonstrate intellectual or strategic skill and leadership on a topic. Usually, leadership takes the form of convening high-level conversations, engaging leading stakeholders, publishing articles that provide a point of view or identify trends, sharing original ideas or ways of thinking, and being a recognised subject matter expert. We help clients to develop and express their intellectual and strategic thought leadership by supporting the expression of their knowledge, expertise and perspective using research, analysis, content creation and article and speech-writing.

Policy advocacy and communications

Authentic and substantive communications help organisations to stand out in today’s environment of information and ‘white noise’ overload. Using our experience and understanding of key communications principles, we help our clients to understand and focus on their audience’s expectations, align their communications to meet these expectations with high-quality content, structure the delivery and cadence of communications, and communicate effectively with stakeholders internally and externally.

Multi-stakeholder platforms and dialogue support

Leading organisations that are seeking to drive change in the public interest need to  understand and listen to the views of different stakeholder groups - academic experts, civil society organisations, industry and others. We help clients to build and convene multi-stakeholder platforms to host dialogue and conversations that serve the public interest and promote collaboration and greater impact.

Research and analysis

We are a research-based organisation and put comprehensive and thorough research at the heart of everything we do for clients. it is the basis for how re recruit staff into the organisation. We provide clients with comprehensive quantitative and qualitativeresearch on the issues, policies, competitors and stakeholders that they care about, which funds the basis of how we help to shape the stakeholder and policy landscape.

Organisational Strategy

A strategy is a roadmap that guides an organisation. Usually, strategies are co-created, often through the consultation with many different stakeholders and interest groups. Strategies must contain sufficient structure in order to be easily understandable and effective. We seek to be a strategic partner to our clients – to help them to develop their strategies through research, challenging their thinking and assumptions and helping them to structure their thinking in a way that is clear and actionable – and ultimately enjoys alignment internally.

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