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published work.

As part of our services, we publish research, analysis and thinking across diverse issue areas and within our wide-ranging fields of expertise. We partner with our clients to produce briefs and reports focused on social, policy and environmental issues based on scientific, social science and humanities research. We are able to identify global best practices and trends; overview and clarify critical topics; brainstorm solutions and remedies; analyse harms and mitigate challenges, and more.

Highlighted Reports

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Feminist Action Nexus for Economic and Climate Justice

Towards Economic and Climate Justice: A Feminist Analysis of Critical Trends

January 2024

As the first in a forthcoming annual series, this report provides a snapshot and feminist analysis of recent macroeconomic trends across sovereign debt, international tax, trade, climate finance, global economic governance, and others. It also spotlights local sites of struggle against the causes and consequences economic and climate injustice, as well as global advocacy championing alternatives to our current systems of economic governance.

Read the full report here.

International Union for Conservation of Nature

Promoting Human Health through the Global Biodiversity Framework: Linking Forests and Human Health in National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

December 2023

This brief outlines the benefits of integrating human health into National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs), identifies GBF targets linked to human health, and provides recommendations for integrating the forest-health nexus into NBSAPs.

Read the full report here.

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BirdLife Europe, Climate Action Network Europe, European Environmental Bureau, Transport & Environment and WWF European Policy Office

What Has the EU Done For You and the Planet?

May 2024

Ahead of the European Union 2024 elections, this report shows the instrumental role the EU has played in driving positive change in 10 areas of environmental policy—from nature restoration and conservation, through emission-free electric vehicles, to supporting individuals in energy poverty. It also highlights why change is necessary and, crucially, what the EU must do to bring us closer to a net-zero, zero-pollution and socially just future.


Toward a Feminist Just Energy Transition in Asia: Key Principles and Barriers

December 2023

This policy brief has been prepared for the Asia Feminist Coalition. It unpacks the pathways towards a feminist just energy transition in Asia. It highlights why the current energy systems need to be challenged, what are some of the core principle of a feminist transition in Asia. It looks at some of the global macroeconomic barriers and presents a set of recommendations for the consideration of decision-makers in the energy ecosystem.

Read the full report here.

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City Harvest

What Does Holiday Hunger Mean?

June 2023

The media is full of reports of the cost-of-living crisis and holiday hunger is becoming a familiar term at this time of year. But what does this mean to people’s lives? City Harvest and Shared Planet partnered together to highlight the voices of our partners, helping understand the reality of what summer holidays mean to those already living on the edge in the latest City Harvest: Value of Food Redistribution to People report.

Read the full report here.

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