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Accelerating positive social and environmental impact

Shared Planet is a stakeholder strategy, insight and engagement consultancy working at the intersection of environment and social issues. We are based in London and operate globally. We help clients to understand and manage their issue and stakeholder landscapes, so that they can build new initiatives, partnerships and strategies that are leading, intelligent and effective.

We have the heart of an NGO and the analytical rigour of a management consultancy.

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Shared Planet provides research, analysis and stakeholder engagement support to clients working in the environmental and social space.

Shared Planet works primarily with civil society organisations, academic institutions, governments, and international organisations to support them to conduct research and analysis relating to their issue and stakeholder landscapes.

We take a research-led approach to our client work, using proven methodologies and frameworks that help us to bring analytical rigour to everything that we do. We specialise in complex issue management that is multi-geography and multi-disciplinary.

Our team has a big heart and we are  committed to creating a better world. We care passionately about solving important and complex environmental and social problems and for this reason, we donate up to 20% of our time each year to important causes.

WEDO hired Shared Planet to undertake a very complicated project, looking at macroeconomic trends in a variety of thematic areas (tax, trade, debt, IFIs, corporate capture, as well as an overarching look at systems change and at climate finance). We have been incredibly impressed with Shared Planet and the consultants we've worked with there, and intend to hire them again for at least one subsequent project. The flexibility, sharp political analysis, and extremely pleasant working relationship has all exceeded expectations and I feel very lucky to have found them. This has been a complicated and evolving project and it literally would not be happening if we hadn’t found Shared Planet.

Katie Tobin, Senior Program Manager

Women's Environment and Development Organisation (WEDO)

What we have been working on in 2023.

Preventing deforestation through best practice landscape and jurisdictional approaches

Analysing existing initiatives, potential governance and funding mechanisms and mapping stakeholders to support best practice model creation to scale landscape approaches in critical markets.

Analysing the harm and ethical implications of social media platforms

Helping advertisers to understand the way that social media platforms, gaming channels, Web 3.0 and AI are changing the fundamental dynamics of society. 

Building a global government coalition on nature positive economy

Supporting a major NGO to build a global government coalition promoting the adoption of a Nature Positive Economy Roadmap and inclusive approach to shifting the economic system.

Preventing human-wildlife conflict in East Africa

Supporting leading US academic experts to build a research centre and multi-stakeholder network on human wildlife conflict across East Africa.

Supporting a national government nature rehabilitation programme

Supporting stakeholder engagement, partnership creation and guidance on nature rehabilitation quality assurance and control for one of the most ambitious greening programmes globally.

Building an environmental awareness campaign for an UNESCO world heritage site

Conducting extensive research across 14 sustainability issues, conducting stakeholder opinion research and building a communications strategy and monitoring and evaluation system for this major global world heritage site.

Analysing justice-led conservation in the UK

Analysing the approach to the Triple Challenge in the UK amongst different nature conservation initiatives in the four nations and building a model to assess justice-led conservation for a major NGO.

Fundraising support for global environmental pacts

Helping to identify new sources of funding for environmentally focused frameworks operating across multiple geographies.

Research and analysis to support ecological restoration strategy 

Working with the global authority on nature to inform the strategy for ecological restoration and agroforestry for a major cultural and environmental site in Saudi Arabia.

Stopping whale and dolphin hunting

We built a global campaign with a leading ocean-focused NGO to stop the hunting of whales and dolphins in the North Atlantic.

Supporting a more sustainable and DEI approach to marketing

Working to better understand the ways that marketing can support greater diversity in advertising and the creative industries.

Thought leadership positioning on food redistribution

Working to create new research-led reports on the potential cost savings relating to food redistribution and the role of food redistribution in the overall health of the charity sector in the UK.


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