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our impact.

As a values-driven organisation, we pursue volunteering opportunities, client work and partnerships that allow us to priortise impact-oriented work across our practice areas. Our team is committed to ensuring we play our part in solving critical social and environmental challenges, beyond helping our clients do the same.


At Shared Planet, we donate 20% of our
time to pro-bono clients and partnerships. 

Giving back and working alongside incredible, mission-oriented
organisations that are dedicated to solving the world's most pressing
social and environmental challenges is critical to our mission. 

Client work and partnerships


Shared Planet is working with Pennsylvania State University and Oregon State University establish an East Africa research centre of excellence that will be a hub for governments and park agencies and managers working on human-wildlife conflict in East Africa and to connect academic experts with those on the frontlines of human wildlife conflict.


Alongside Sea Shepherd Global, Shared Planet co-leads an international campaign to stop the Grindadrap hunt of dolphins and whales in the Faroe Islands. Our work, which began as a pro-bono partnership, includes a multi-faceted advocacy campaign for #StoptheGrind, a global coalition serving as a platform for all like-minded organisations and individuals concerned about the Grind to work together to pressure the Faroese government towards a ban


Shared Planet partners with City Harvest to support the organisation’s thought leadership and efforts to raise awareness on important issues that City Harvests and its partners bear witness to every day. We develop tri-annual thought leadership reports that amplify how food redistribution and City Harvest fulfils its mission of saving food, people and the planet. Beyond donating our time to City Harvest, Shared Planet also volunteers at their warehouse, helping to sort and organise food to be distributed to City Harvest's charity partners and those that they serve. 


Shared Planet supports World Wildlife Fund UK in the drafting and advocacy for a Global Roadmap for a Nature-Positive Economy. The aim of the roadmap is to develop a shared agenda for action for identifying the necessary global-level reforms to build a nature-positive economy — an economy that no longer over-exploits and degrades nature, but instead results in increasing levels of nature and natural capital. 


At Shared Planet, we believe in the profound impact that strategic collective collaboration can have on solving today’s pressing environmental and social challenges. Our dedication to this mission is both professional and deeply personal, motivating us to pursue actionable and long-lasting solutions for our planet and communities. We aim to contribute to a global movement that is not afraid to push boundaries, in which we envision a future where sustainability, justice, and equity prevail.

Mariam Moussa, Consultant


We strive to partner with organisations making both a local and global difference for our all-team volunteer days. In the past, we have worked with non-profit groups and advocacy organisations like City Harvest to give back to the community.

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