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our clients.

The most important thing to every member of our team is engaging in work that is meaningful and impactful. Our incredible clients are driving progressive change across the environmental, social and policy fields, and we have been fortunate to work with some of the world's leading organisations in these spaces. We are globally-minded and impact-oriented, and hope to collaborate on projects aligned on these views. 

Here are some examples of the type of client work that we do:




Drafted a white paper on the key barriers to financing the plastics circular economy

In 2021, we helped GPAP establish a global finance task force aimed at increasing financial flows to plastic waste solutions. We interviewed stakeholders from across the private, public and third sector to define the areas in which the task force could have the most impact. We defined the project outcomes, developed briefing materials and created a roadmap for success.


As part of our work, we prepared a "state of play" report detailing the challenges and opportunities facing the plastics circular economy. From the report, we drafted materials that highlighted key takeaways. We tailored the materials to suit the different audiences the GPAP was trying to inform.


Shared Planet also contributed to a policy framework that was shared across several social media channels to inspire governments to create a better environment for investment in the circular economy. 


Analysed global policy, finance and governance trends around the world and supported landscape approaches to fighting deforestation
In 2023, we were retained by the Business Case for Landscape Action (comprised by the Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, The Carbon Disclosure Project, Clarmondial and USAID) for a series of stakeholder deliverables on Landscape and Jurisdictional Approaches in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Indonesia.

The objective was to convene the private sector, governments, and local farmers and organizations across five markets to pilot a globally replicable landscape approach that leverages complementary expertise of our partners while benefiting local and Indigenous communities and enterprises. Shared Planet’s role included stakeholder mapping, financial institutional mapping, policy analysis, trend analysis and a review of governance mechanisms.​


Supported multi-stakeholder dialogue and drafted an
Environmental Roadmap focused on commodity supply chains

Shared Planet supported the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) in the development of a value proposition narrative for Beef Partnership that aims to create a blueprint of actions to create a more sustainable beef supply chain between Brazil and China. The Beef Partnership brings together stakeholders to mitigate Chinese and Brazilian exporters' exposure to environmental risk, while driving impactful collaboration to halt deforestation in Brazil.
Shared Planet was also tasked with identifying stakeholders and developing a stakeholder engagement strategy to secure buy-in for this initiative. Shared Planet advised TFA on the most appropriate governance structure for managing their partnership and developed a Terms of Reference to guide terms of engagement in the group.


Creating an East African research network on human-wildlife conflict
Shared Planet is working with Pennsylvania State University and Oregon State University to convene two multi-stakeholder platforms of government, NGO and academic experts across East Africa. The aim of this work is to establish an East Africa research centre of excellence that will be a hub for governments and park agencies and managers working on human-wildlife conflict in the East Africa region — by Africans, for Africans — and to connect academic experts with those on the frontlines of human wildlife conflict.

Our work includes managing stakeholder engagement, website creation, narrative creation and supporting the universities to manage the creation of the network.


Support for a national nature rehabilitation programme

In 2023, Shared Planet was retained by the Green KSA initiative — part of the Saudi Green Initiative — to support its development of a communications strategy for the 10 billion trees initiative. ​As part of support, we conducted a landscape audit and created a stakeholder map to help Green KSA understand the NGO, academic and other stakeholders involved in ‘afforestation’ discussions.​
We analysed ‘reputation critical’ areas that are necessary to include in communications in order to be credible audiences, as well as a deep dive on the topic of afforestation itself — breaking it down into its component parts to understand the key parts of the ‘value chain’ to ensure communications are holistic.​

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Support for strategy on resource circularity and circular economy

Shared Planet was retained by the Director of the World Economic Forum's Centre for Resource Circularity (CRC) to support the development of a strategy, which included a comprehensive landscape mapping of current models to evolve the linear economic model towards a circular one, as well as an assessment of different stakeholder groups working on circularity in order to identify the ‘white space’ and territory where WEF could have a distinctive and additive value proposition.


Building an environmental awareness campaign for a UNESCO World heritage site
In 2023, Shared Planet was engaged by the RCU to support its first major environmental awareness campaign in AlUla County. The project included stakeholder opinion research, in-field data collection, a comprehensive landscape audit across 11 different environmental topics, the creation of a communications and partnership strategy, creating a progress management tool for the communications campaign to measure progress and contributing towards the creation of a visual identity and brand for the campaign.


Policy and stakeholder engagement support
on responsible, sustainable and inclusive marketing

Shared Planet has worked for 25 years with Mars Incorporated on global marketing and advertising policy. We have deep expertise and knowledge of the digital advertising policy landscape including sustainable and inclusive marketing, platform safety and emerging technologies. We have helped analyse and build advertising policy as part of our advisory services.
Through the work of Shared Planet, we have helped Mars become recognized as a global thought leader on issues related to marketing to children and child nutrition through issue analysis, advocacy positioning and the development of methodologies such as the Child Appeal Framework. Our support for Mars has helped it to be recognised by the Access to Nutrition Index as a global leader in the area of preventing marketing to children.​


Strategy and partnership to support equal access to healthcare
From 2019 to 2021, Shared Planet supported the Children and Young People’s Health Partnership (CYPHP) in their goals to raise their profile, engage policymakers, and spread and scale their model. CYPHP is a UK-based charity focused on access to care for low-income children and their access to integrated healthcare. ​


Support for the West African campaign to stop illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing

Shared Planet further supported Sea Shepherd through research and analysis consulting services, focusing on the issue of bycatch and marine biodiversity preservation along the coast of West Africa.​ The work included evaluating existing research and data on marine species, collating and analysing data on bycatch, and formulating new consumer opinion research to gauge perceptions and expectations on bycatch in advance of COP 26.​


Supporting ecological restoration and agroforestry strategy creation
Shared Planet was retained by the IUCN in 2023 to support its work on the ecological restoration and agroforestry strategy for the Royal Commission of AlUla. Our research team worked with the IUCN reporting to the Nature & Heritage team of ecologists and specialists in AlUla. Our team led the delivery of the project to deliver a range of deliverables to assess the current situation in relation to the state of the ecology and habitats of AlUla County in Saudi Arabia. The work included drafting an IUCN Literature Review, international benchmarking report analysing policies, standards, strategies and guidelines, and contributing to other deliverables including a habitat mapping, GIS and maps report, DPSIR report and the final project report. The findings will be used to guide the ecological restoration project's baseline assessment and deliverables in 2023/2024.

Creating an IUCN expert report on forests and human health

In 2023, Shared Planet was retained by the ICUN to additionally support the creation of a global report on the positive impact of forests on human health. Our team supported the IUCN with an analysis of existing reports, convening an IUCN commissioner and expert workshops, developing thematic areas for consideration, drafting the expert report, and supporting IUCN communications on the report.

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