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about us.

Shared Planet was founded to help organisations to deliver positive social and environmental impact by providing research, analysis and stakeholder engagement support. We work primarily with civil society organisations, academic institutions and IGOs and governments on cultural and environmental issues. 

Our business name is anchored in our belief that we must radically reorient human society and culture to prioritise living in harmony with nature by allowing biodiversity to thrive, embracing de-growth and supporting a nature-positive approach to the economy that is inclusive and exists within planetary boundaries. We work with clients that share our values and are seeking to drive progressive change. 

Our clients tend to be organisations that are seeking to resolve significant challenges or drive transformational change, which requires taking a multi-stakeholder approach to collaboration and dialogue. Our team offers a range of stakeholder engagement and analytical consulting services that help clients to understand scientific perspectives and recommendations, the issue and policy landscape, and the most important stakeholders to engage to inform their organisational strategy and delivery.

Our recent clients


Our values

We are a values-led organisation, and are driven by our desire to make a positive contribution, be our best professional selves and constantly improve and progress. There are many things that are important to us as a team, but these three values unite us and define how we approach our work as individuals and collectively.  

The relentless pursuit of excellence

Striving for excellence and achieving high standards is what we are all about; we try to deliver an outstanding work product every time for our clients and exceed their expectations. Our ambition is to be the best in our field and deliver the greatest impact for ourselves and our clients. We pursue excellence in our work because we care about the success of our projects and we have high standards for ourselves, believing that consultancy support should be done comprehensively and to a high standard. 

Celebrating intellectual curiosity and learning

Embracing intellectual curiosity and learning is our way of life — it’s not just something we do at work. We want to learn and know everything about everything. A passion for knowledge, a curiosity to uncover the wonders of the world, and endless learning enhances our professional development and contributes to the overall success and progress of Shared Planet and our clients. Everybody wins.

Practicing kindness, compassion and generosity

Practicing kindness, compassion, and generosity at work have not historically been valued in the workplace, but they are at Shared Planet. These are critical attributes that create a positive and supportive professional environment and makes us who we are. We are all about positive energy, seeing the glass as half-full, giving people the benefit of the doubt and doing the right thing by others whenever we have the opportunity.


The Tropical Forest Alliance worked with Shared Planet in 2022 on a project focused on the TFA’s workstream to address the challenge of deforestation in the beef supply chain between Brazil and China through its initiation of the Beef Dialogues. During the project, Shared Planet helped us to create a number of core deliverables: a White Paper that outlined a Blueprint For A More Sustainable Beef Trade Between Brazil and China, a Terms of Reference document for a new multi-stakeholder platform (the Beef Alliance), a stakeholder mapping to help us to expand our engagement, a stakeholder engagement strategy to guide the expansion of our stakeholder community and an onboarding pack. We found Shared Planet’s work to be very professional and exceeded our expectations and the team to be extremely energetic, responsive and flexible to the demands we made.

Director of Latin American Operations, Tropical Forest Alliance

Our practices

As a team, we are committed to playing our part in helping others solve systemic social and environmental issues. We structure our business not around industry, but around other stakeholders critical to the issues we want to solve. As a business, we actively pursue client work, long-term and short-term projects and volunteering opportunities that allow us to make an impact in our seven practice areas.

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