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We believe that lasting social and environmental change can only be achieved by embracing what is best for society and putting it at the heart of meaningful stakeholder engagement. Our team is straight-talking, relentlessly curious and focused on excellence in everything we do.


With our advanced academic training and extensive research backgrounds, we are well-trained to analyse data and create different conceptual frameworks. We have diverse backgrounds and language capabilities, which enable us to bring multicultural and multidisciplinary thinking to the work that we deliver for clients.

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Managing Director

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Senior Consultant

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Sophie Legros


Senior Consultant

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Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant



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Yiğit Gürpınar
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Shared Planet was engaged by the King’s Health Partners Institute for Women and Children (IWCH) in 2020 and 2021 to support the strategic redesign of the organisation and its strategy following a change of leadership. Shared Planet helped our team to create a baseline level of knowledge about the landscape of stakeholder organisations working on women and/or children’s health, key issues around women’s health and government priorities, identify best practice models, map and prioritise relevant sources of funding and helped us to build and explain our organisational strategy internally and externally. Shared Planet also provided support to help us to engage on women’s health issues with the UK government in its 2021 strategic consultation. We found the Shared Planet team to be proactive and very capable at research and pulling together insights on women’s issues and help us to engage with the stakeholders that we care about.

Director of the Institute for Women and Children's Health,

King's College London

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